The latest Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ - 2018 edition has arrived

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21 January 2018 - Xiaomi has quietly announced its latest product, the updated Mi Notebook Air 2018 13.3″ inch notebook. The Air series is one of the best value for money notebooks on the market.

Compared to its predecessor, the notebook is available in a new dark grey colour variant, now with a black keyboard (like the Mi Notebook Pro) and also features Intel's 8th generation processors. The display remains 13.3″, and the two new processors are Intel i5-8250U, and the i7-8550U. Both processors are quad-core and offer higher performance. Based on measurements 40% performance gains compared to the previous, 7th generation version.
With this, Xiaomi has also brought Intel's latest development to its smaller notebooks.
Let's look at the two specifications:

  • Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ i5-8250U
    • 8GB RAM DDR4
    • 256GB SSD PCI-E, expandable

  • Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ i7-8550U
    • 8GB RAM DDR4
    • 256GB SSD PCI-E, expandable

Additional specifications:

  • 13.3″ FHD panel
  • 5.59mm frame
  • 80.1% usable area, 170° wide-angle, 300 nm brightness panel with GG3 protection
  • 1 MP webcam with 720p video
  • USB-C connection for charging
  • 2x USB 3.0 connection, full-size HDMI interface, and a 3.5mm headphone jack

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 1C has fast charging support. It takes 30 minutes to charge the 40W/h battery to 50%. According to the manufacturer, you have more than 8 hours for continuous playback, 7.5 hours for video calls and 7.5 hours for web browsing.

It comes with Windows 10 and a full Office suite.

The i5 version is available for 213.000 HUF.

The new version has improved processor performance. Xiaomi kept the design and stiffness of the case, as there were no problems with the construction.
This update reportedly heralds the arrival of a new version of the big brother, the Mi Notebook Pro, which could feature Intel and AMD chipsets.

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