Ends support for Redmi K20 Pro/Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

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Xiaomi keeps a running list of products that it will no longer support. I have written about this list before and what assets are included. Now another phone has been added, the Redmi K20 Pro, known in China as the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro became famous as.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

The Redmi K20/Mi 9T series was launched back in August 2019 and quickly rose to fame. Thanks to its almost world-first mechanical selfie camera. I wrote about it quite a lot back then, I made videos because it was almost unbelievable that the little motorbike dick didn't break on the first drop. And no.

EOS product list

We do our best to provide continuous security updates for our smartphones, for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO brands. Security updates usually include the latest security patches, vulnerability patches and other security improvements. Security updates are generally maintained for at least 2 years after the initial delivery of a device model.
We regularly publish and update the EOS product list below to help you check if your smartphone is able to receive security updates.

We no longer maintain any software or firmware updates (including security updates) for the products included in the EOS product list below, and may no longer respond to security vulnerability reports for them either.

Only the Redmi K20 Pro is on the list so far, so we may be under the misconception that the global version (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) is not included. But. When the Chinese product is no longer supported, the global version will also be no longer supported. So unfortunately this is the second global phone from the Xiaomi Mi 9 family. The first was the Xiaomi Mi 9SE much to the chagrin of many fans, including myself.

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