"Pants are pants" (Rain Man), but these are Xiaomi pants!

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Summer is slowly coming, the heat is coming, hot sunshine and sweat... if sweat, then sticky clothes. It's important on days like these to wear underwear that absorbs sweat and dries quickly enough that it's not felt by those around you.

It was released this week on one of Xiaomi's biggest parter sites, Mijia on crowdfunding platform, a Cottonsmith Underwear underwear collection. The new Wicking Windows™ technologyThanks to their high absorbency, sweat is easily and quickly absorbed and evaporated on the outer surface of the garment. Compared to normal clothing, 40% "wicks" away moisture faster.

The Cottonsmith Underwear It is available in 3 different packages, with men's packages charging 99 Yuan (15$) and women's packages 69 Yuan (10$). Both the men's and women's versions come in 4 sizes, men's M-XXL, women's S-XL and a satisfactory range of colours.

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