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On 16 May, a total lunar eclipse will begin, which will also be visible in Hungary, but only as a partial lunar eclipse. 

A lunar eclipse is when the Moon is partially or completely in the Earth's shadow. During a total lunar eclipse, the lunar disk is not completely darkened, but turns orange-red due to the effect of light scattered by the Earth's atmosphere.

On 16 May, at 4:27 am Central European Time (daylight saving time), we will observe the start of the partial eclipse phase, so it's a good idea to get up early - from a Svábhegy Observatory. While a total lunar eclipse will be visible from the Americas, Hungary will experience a partial lunar eclipse.

Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse does not require any special equipment or goggles. However, the observatory says it's worth using binoculars and a small telescope to see the phenomenon for a truly extraordinary sight.

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