To whom we owe this great brand.

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You rarely hear from Xiaomi management, but sometimes Xiaomi CEO the CEO of Xiaomi or Xiang Wang, the global vice president, used to post important things on facebook, including Nokia collaboration, global expansion, etc..

Last week, the entire Xiaomi management team spent a full weekend together in Beijing, where they had the opportunity to discuss fruitful ideas, successes and lessons learned from the past 7 years.

How many people do you recognise in the photo? They're all key links in the Xiaomi machine! 12 completely different people, from different backgrounds and lives, that approach the solution to every problem from different directions, which drives the creative culture at Xiaomi. As a team, they share the same relentless pursuit of innovation that helps them further develop their core values and unique business model.

I'm very excited about the opportunities ahead as we sincerely and passionately continue our friendship with our fans and create great products at affordable prices that can improve their lives.

Xiang Wang

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