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Dear MIUI fans!

The MIUI ROM has been regularly updated since its first version was released on 16 August 2010. The MIUI Team is committed to delivering the best experience for users of all devices. MIUI performance is constantly improving, delivering better and better system performance for all users. However, in order to ensure the best performance of MIUI, a firm decision had to be made to suspend the update of 10 devices after a lengthy discussion and evaluation of devices, active users, hardware performance, etc.

MIUI 9 China developer ROM (closed beta and public beta)
As of 16 November 2017, the Chinese developer/beta ROM update of MIUI 9 for the following 10 devices will be suspended, both closed beta and public beta: Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Pad, Redmi 1, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi 2A, Redmi Note 1

MIUI 9 Chinese stable ROM
MIUI 9 Chinese stable ROM will be provided for users of the above devices (except Redmi 1). MIUI Stable ROM 9.1 and MIUI Stable ROM 9.2 will be released in the future to let users enjoy the lightning-fast latest MIUI 9. The installation method will be provided later. Please stay tuned to the forum. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

1. The Mi 3 uses the same code as the Mi 4. Therefore, you can download and install the Mi 4 MIUI ROM on your Mi 3. But because of compatibility, system stability is not guaranteed.
2. No MIUI 9 Stable ROM for Redmi 1 due to hardware limitations.

Importantly for us, as this applies to the Chinese ruins, the MIUI Hungary ruins will also cease to exist, as will Xiaomi.eu. There is no news on Global Ruins yet, and we don't want to spread rumours about the closure. If there is any change regarding global ruins, we will post the authentic information immediately.

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