Looking for headphones? We can help you find them! Xiaomi earphones overview!

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There's nothing easier when you're looking for headphones, as a vacuum cleaner, but don't be alarmed, we'll help you find your way around the many niches. With Xiaomi and Redmi brands combined, there are currently eight Bluetooth earpiece types to choose from, to suit all needs! This roundup looks at the products available at the time of writing!

In fact, at first sight, there are two different types of BT headphones. The "core" shaped, or "plug-in", which is what I have, like the one in the girl's ear on the left. They are small, light, very mobile and easy to use. They must be inserted directly into the ear, near the opening of the ear canal, with an ear plug at the end to fit into the ear canal. They are usually round in shape to make insertion easier.


Mi True Wireless
Earbuds Basic 2

Redmi Buds 3 Lite

Redmi Buds 3 Pro

The other is the example on the right, which are mostly copies of Apple AirPods. However, there are two types, which are held in place by the earlobe. The other, which, like the other "plug-in" earphones, has a silicone bell on the end, which is inserted into the ear canal.


Redmi Buds 3

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S

Xiaomi Buds 3

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro

So the first thing you can do to choose which group you're going to sample from is the way you put it in your ear. For those of you who have preferred this or that, it's advisable to choose the same. Or at least try the other option somehow, to see if it has improved enough to be as comfortable or more comfortable.

Unfortunately, there is no trial period as the earphones are a hygiene product and once unpacked, there is no 14-day cooling-off period.

Based on operating time

They also have a wide range of operating times, from 12 hours up to 32 hours on a single charge. Of course, these values are only achieved with the case, so it's not continuous. In case you're not familiar with it, I'll tell you that the case of these earbuds contains a "big" battery. These will charge the earbuds when you put them back in the case and can usually fully charge 4-5 times. If you want to put them in order, the list is as follows:

Think about how much we will use it. On the bus to work, or on long evenings, listening to pleasant music, just talking on the phone, or spending hours online with friends. Based on my experience and my usage habits, it's plenty Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2, as I sometimes travel by public transport or ride my Xiaomi scooter for 5-10 minutes. But if you want sound quality and comfort in addition to uptime, then Mi True Wireless Earphones Basic 2S-from the top up. And as a maximalist, you're better off with the Pro version of this, or the Xiaomi Buds 3 the one for you!

If you play sport

So far, I could say that every earphone is the right one for you, but if you're playing sports, then the child's position is different. We sweat when we play sport, and we sweat a lot, so it's essential for athletes to make sure they don't get wet. This is indicated in descriptions as an IP number, such as Redmi Buds 3, which has IP54 water and dust resistance. But the cheapest Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 is also IPX4 certified, which means it is sweat resistant. For the ultimate in protection Xiaomi Buds 3 and Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro IP55, according to the manufacturer. You can even take a shower with them, according to the literature, protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions.

By sound

This is the most difficult topic on which I would recommend headphones. Because everyone's hearing is different, they hear different frequency ranges and there are those with deaf ears. Even though I graduated from music school and learned to play two instruments, I'm not that much of an extreme music fan. I don't listen exclusively to vinyl records with a fancy sound system, for me music is about relaxation and fun. So Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2, which I am currently using with unconditional sound. It sounds just right for rock and pop music, has decent bass, intelligible vocals and even the upper fret of the stringed instrument. But if sound quality is important to you, then Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S-you have to look upwards, as it has a 14.2 mm composite membrane. Studio quality with Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro but if you're looking for Hi-Fi sound, you can Xiaomi Buds 3 or Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro will be the best choice for you!

Noise reduction and noise filtering based on

Filtering out background noise is not easy. But we distinguish between two, which filter out call noise and ambient noise. Call noise filtering is already the cheapest Mi True Wireless
Also available in Earbuds Basic 2. There are 4 types of noise reduction technologies, ANC, ENC, DSP and CVC:

  • ANC (Active Noise Control)
  • ENC (Environmental Noise Control)
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • CVC (Clear Voice Recording)

So the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2has DSP technology, which is currently the simplest, so it can be found in cost-effective earphones. A Redmi Buds 3 stands out a bit because it uses Qualcomm® cVc™ echo cancellation and noise reduction technology. Coupled with Qualcomm® cVc™ echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, it dynamically reduces ambient noise and effectively minimises echoes. Another cuckoo's egg is the Redmi Buds 3 Pro, uses AI-based situational awareness to adjust the depth of adaptive noise reduction. Whether it's a subway hum or quiet office noise, it selects the appropriate noise reduction level.

But "only" up to 35dB, which according to the Chinese National Institute of Metrology means a noise attenuation of 98%. Very similar to the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro, filters out noise at the same time, but with hybrid technology. Better than that is the Xiaomi Buds 3, which can filter out ambient noise up to 40dB, which Xiaomi says is already 99%. This means you can enjoy your favourite music in almost complete silence and peace of mind, even in the noisiest of environments. Couple this with the Hi-Fi sound of Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro in headphones.

Based on price

Price often reflects quality and functionality. This is no different with headphones, the more expensive the better the sound, battery life, etc. It is up to us to define what we really want, how much we want to spend, whether we need the knowledge. The most expensive is not always the best choice for us. Let me give you an excellent example.

Let's face it Redmi Buds 3 and the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless AirBuds 2S headphones. They're not in the same league, but in our case they're a good basis for comparison. It's true that they're not even the same brand, but the prices are quite different. The Redmi is only 13.990 Ft, while the Xiaomi, with a price tag of 24.990 Ft, is on the shelves. And here comes the twist, why is one more expensive or cheaper than the other? Redmi is a newer technology, but Xiaomi is more "equipped". But then how do we decide which one we need?

Redmi Buds 3

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless AirBuds 2S

Weight: 4,5gWeight 4,5g
Battery: 20 hours (with case)Battery: 24 hours (with case)
Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.0
USB Type-CUSB Type-C
Wired chargingWired and wireless charging
Qualcomm® cVc™ Echo Cancelling and noise cancelling technologyENC environmental noise reduction
12 mm composite speaker14.2 mm composite speaker
MIUI Pop-Up connectionMIUI Pop-Up connection
Touch controlTouch control
13.990 Ft24.990 Ft


Since you can't try both at the same time, you can't tell the difference in sound. But we can be sure that the Xiaomi with the larger speaker sounds bigger, but the Redmi with Qualcom's technological prowess will surely beat its counterpart. The more advanced Bluetooth also has a lot to do with connectivity and sound quality, but the plus 4 hours of music time and wireless charging is very promising. Na! So how do we decide now? Think about whether we need the extra things that a more expensive earpiece gives us? Decide what we want to use it for. To make a phone call, to listen to music to keep us from getting bored, or to enjoy a glass of wine and a chord as a serious music fan. Whether or not we need or can even use wireless charging or other extra features. Of course, if you've got a stereo and you want the best, then the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro must!


So, if you've made it this far, that's a very good sign, because you're really looking for a BT ear. If the "brain plugger" doesn't work for you, the best value for money choice is Redmi Buds 3. But if you really want to get it right, you can Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S-buy. However, if silicone bells suit you better, you can use the Redmi Buds 3 Lite best possible choice based on price. But if you want quality, then the Redmi Buds 3 Pro-you need to buy.

And I'm not forgetting those who enjoy sound quality at a higher level, who want to enjoy the soothing or exhilarating sounds of music in a relaxed environment. In this segment there is not much choice, the Xiaomi Buds 3 and the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro you have to choose between. But it's hard to choose between the two, and it might be worth a separate article to get to grips with them.

Ha belevágsz a vásárlásban, akkor van még egy jó hírem! A xiaomishop.hu hivatalos webáruház, bevezette a mobile courier service! It allows customers to send their purchased products to a service centre quickly, easily and - in case of warranty repairs - free of charge! More on this in a later post!

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