Fake images of the upcoming MIUI9 are circulating! Rumours and official info!

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Again and again, tech blogs are falling for the fake campaign from China. A recent Weibo post has got everyone's attention, supposedly posting a screenshot of the upcoming MIUI9. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe this information without any doubts and immediately share it, and even the more reputable tech blogs and sites are taking it as fact.

MIUI's Product Manager (first picture) has published a post on Weibo, waiting for followers' feedback on the development of MIUI9 and has included some pictures of MIUI8 themes he mentioned! Well that's enough for the inattentive readers, the word MIUI9 and a special interface, now that's what I'm talking about, let's share it! The second image is screenshots from the theme store that were uploaded to the post, anyone can download it for free and heaven forbid it has anything to do with MIUI9! :D If you want to try this look, download it here: http://en.miui.com/thread-663924-1-1.html

The only official info about MIUI9 at the moment, confirmed by the head of the department, is that MIUI9 will arrive soon, before August 16, 2017! That's it. The rest is speculation, slip, untrue information.

And here's the picture we wrote about, which just stirred the pot. As we wrote, it was just a fake, we didn't understand why we had to post a list of things that had already been done and write a bunch of nonsense around it just for the character numbers.

There are a couple of things you can do next time you read such news on the web, the first and most reliable being to MIUI English forum you check, if it's not even later, it's definitely a fake. You check the MIUI Hungarian forum, or Facebook page and if it's not there, or if it's specifically written as a rumour, then you can start to get suspicious. But if you read here on our site and/or on our Facebook page that it's a rumour, then you can be absolutely sure!

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