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Facebook has made available the lock profile (profile lock) for those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

The social networking site has taken steps to protect Ukrainian users' accounts by made available a security feature called Profile Lock, first introduced last year during the Afghan crisis.

Profile lock means that users who are not friends of the profile cannot see the content shared, and they cannot download or share the profile photo. According to Meta, this feature allows users to access important security tools at the touch of a button. The company added that this type of solution is particularly useful for journalists, activists and those at high risk of being targeted.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Meta's data protection officer, has also published a pictorial guide on Twitter on how to enable the feature. Gleicher says that, in addition to the profile lock, a dedicated team has been set up to On Facebookto follow the events of the Ukrainian-Russian war and react in real time.

This will probably be necessary, because in addition to pictures and videos of real events, there are already many videos circulating on the internet that are presented as if they were real events, but have nothing to do with the war in our neighbourhood. A good example of this is the video shared by many ArmA 3 was stolen by distributors from a military game called.

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