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Facebook, aka Meta, has developed two new types of messages for Messenger, one of which is now "Quiet" text to the other person. 

The Messenger the giant behind Meta, has added two new features announced in the days ahead, which could make a big difference to the messages sent. One is the so-called silent message, which is the idea of sending the message without the partner being notified. This can be useful if the user does not want to disturb the other party, for example if they are at an important event or simply relaxing. To send a silent message, use the /silent can be invoked by inserting it before the text you want to send. Like this:

faceboook silent
Photo by Meta

The other type is a kind of attention-getting message, which is sent to all the other parties in the chat. It is similar to a silent message, except that the text is preceded by the @everyone is prefixed with.

faceboook silent
Photo by Meta

According to Meta, the new features will mainly be used in group messaging, not in private messaging. It is not yet known when the new features will be available in individual countries, but it is clear that it is a global development. The company also revealed that it will only be available on mobile devices (i.e. Android and iOS) and not on desktop.

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