Everyone is a pilot with the new Xiaomi Mitu mini drone

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The drone is in fashion. It's becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone is willing to spend hundreds of euros on semi-professional models just to fly one maybe once a month. Manufacturers are not giving up on quality and the best technology, just like the big companies like DJI with their so-called 'toy' drone, the Tello. But don't be fooled by the term toy, because the little drone has plenty of professional-level features.
You have to keep up, as Xiaomi only has the MiDrone, which we know is cumbersome to carry when you go on a hike. They were quick to respond, we need a product like this in the range!
Although we reported last week that the Xiaomi has signed up for GoPro, from this possible acquisition, did not this year drive up a gauntlet with DJI.

A nemrégiben bemutatott drón súlya 88 gramm, és a mérete 11×11 cm, amelynek köszönhetően könnyen elfér egy hátizsákban is. Súlya ne tévesszen meg senkit, ettől még a kis quadrocopter stabilan repül, figyelembe vették ezt a fontos tényezőt is a tervezéskor! Az törzs alján nagy szellőzőnyílásokat képeztek ki, hogy biztosítsák a hőleadást a belső áramköröknek repülés közben. A Xiaomi Mitu mini drónja műanyag PP anyagból készül, így jobban ellenáll a bukásnak. A propellereket inkább erősen ellenálló üvegszálból készítik, és egyidejűleg aerodinamikus alakúak.

It costs just 399 yuan, around 52 euros, but despite the low price, the small drone is equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor to process data quickly and various integrated sensors, all of which contribute to making the drone stable in flight. To transmit the data we send towards it, the drone takes advantage of the high frequency 5.0 GHz range of the WiFi signal and the low response time remote control allows a distance of up to 50 meters. It can transmit images in real-time up to 25 meters in flight. FPV videos are in HD format (720p) and photos are taken at 1600 X 1200 resolution with 4 GB of internal storage. However, the integrated camera is not steerable, it has a fixed design, as we have come to expect from mobile devices in this price range. The battery is removable from the body and with a capacity of 920 mAh, it is capable of up to 10 minutes of flight. (Hopefully, the batteries will be a few dollars - Ed. )

Among the functions we find headless mode, and you can use the palm of your hand for take-off. It also has a gravity sensor with aerobatic capabilities! There's an app for smartphones that lets you play a virtual game. The small drone is placed in a three-dimensional scene where we can fight in the air. Available from 26 April directly from the official Xiaomi store and various subsidiaries. As soon as we have more information, flight information, additional capabilities, we'll report back!
We will update this article as soon as the pictures are more complete. In the meantime, this is all the pictures we have managed to collect of the tiny Mitu drone.

We will try to get a test product as soon as possible to provide you with as accurate information as possible!


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