Even last year's Xiaomi phones are better than the Samsung S23 Ultra

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Just 2 weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was released with all sorts of super features, including the best Android processor ever, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. It was quickly taken in hand by testers and well, the Genshin Impact is the most common game for testing irons these days. And that's where Samsung bled...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samunsg Galaxy S23 Ultra is a great phone, Samu fans, don't get me wrong, this is not a bashing article. But unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that in its current state, this phone is far and away inferior when it comes to gaming. A gaming test conducted by blogger Golden Reviewer shows that its performance is not as good as the Xiaomi 12T Pro and Xiaomi 12S Ultra, two phones with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chips.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Genshin Impact test

But let me also please Apple fans, the company's 6 products are better than Samsung's latest top-of-the-range phone. But the most embarrassing is that a Vivo X90 with MTK processor can outperform it... But back to the test.

In the test, we found that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has an average frame rate of just 55 FPS, which is significantly lower than the non-unique Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-equipped Xiaomi 13 Pro, which has an average frame rate of 59.4 FPS. The average power consumption of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 6.4 W, which is higher than the Xiaomi 13 Pro and even lower than the Xiaomi 12T Pro (5.5 W and 5.8 W) during the test. Both phones were also warmer, reaching 43.6°C, compared to 39.3°C for the Xiaomi 13 Pro and 41.5°C for the 12T Pro.

This reduced performance is probably due to the first version of the software, which will certainly improve in the future. It would be nice if this nice blogger could do the test again in a few months with newer, improved software.

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