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The ExoMars mission with Russia has already been suspended, and now the European Space Agency (ESA) is planning further steps.

Az ESA illetékesei szerdán jelentették be, hogy az ukrajnai invázióra válaszul megszakítják az együttműködését az oroszországi Luna-25, 26 és 27 orosz holdmissziókkal kapcsolatban – from a Space. ESA's original plan was to develop a camera, called Pilot-D, for the Luna 25 space probe, which was scheduled to be launched later this year.

The European Space Agency has already notified the Russian space agency Roscosmos about the termination of the missions and asked the space agency to place the navigation camera in a safe place until it is returned to ESA.

In mid-March, the member states of the space agency also voted to suspend the ExoMars mission with Russia, which would have taken the European-built Rosalind Franklin rover to Mars with the Russian Proton-M launcher and the Russian Kazachok lander to explore the red planet the surface. Named after the legendary DNA researcher, the rover would have landed on the Oxia Planum in 2023, where it would have searched for traces of life left behind, just like the Mars rover Perseverance working in the Jezero crater.

In addition to the ExoMars mission, ESA has previously suspended five other missions that were to have been launched on Russian-made Soyuz rockets. The decision was taken after the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced it was withdrawing its crew from the European spaceport in French Guiana.

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