Switching between notice board types

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In MIUI, you can set up 2 types of Notification Panel, the more transparent or even compact the notifications you can read and the more available buttons you can use. These two different Notification Panels are Compact and the Isolated from.

The Compact In the notification panel, you'll find the 4 most important buttons and below them, in the rest of the screen, the current notifications. The expansion of the switches can be extended by a further swipe to reveal 12 switches, with the notifications clustered together.

According to Isolated from In the Notification panel, notifications and switches are on two separate pages, so they are separated. When the Notification Panel (Dashboard) is pulled down, only the notifications are visible on the full screen, not the switches. To access the switches in this setting, the Notification panel must be swiped to the left with the finger to reveal the switches, twelve in number.

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