Sort notification switches

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MIUI was probably one of the Android systems besides CM that had a fairly mature switching system. Unique, customizable looks and order. We'll get to looks later, for now let's see how we can change the order of switches. There are two ways to get to this setting, the first is:

  • Open the Settings
  • Select the Notifications and status bar menu
  • Click to customise Switches

second method:

  • Pulling down the "shade"
  • Pull the switches down further with a new one
  • Bottom right icon is Sort, tap on it

Sorting the switches:

  • Put your finger on the switch you want to move
  • If it's shrunk, move it down or up to wherever you like
  • Let go

This allows you to prioritise your switches, which can be very important if you only use single-row switches and don't want to spend precious seconds looking for the switch every time.

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