Coolpad sues Xiaomi for patent infringement

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Coolpad group has sued Xiaomi and three other manufacturers for infringing 3 patents. Xiaomi Communications Technology Co. Ltd (1), Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd (2), Shenzhen Tongtianda Electronics Co. Ltd (2), Coolpad Group subsidiary Yulong Computer Communications Technology (Shenzhen) (3) and Xiaomi Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen (4). Earlier, Coolpad CEO Jiang Chao said that many of Coolpad's more than 10,000 patents had been stolen and that it planned to take on these companies.


As you can read above :D , Yulong alleges that the 4 defendants will be tried for selling products that infringed all of their patents, relating to application management, notification and system user interface. No other information regarding the patents is known. The plaintiff also alleged that the infringement resulted in a large loss and therefore asked the court to stop production, withdraw the products that the four defendants infringed their patents.

  1. Patent No ZL200610034.8
  2. Patent No ZL201210064396.7
  3. Patent No ZL201210250264.3

Yulong also asked the first and fourth defendants to pay compensation for the significant losses suffered, the full cost of legal fees, notary fees, etc. The Guangdong Provincial Intermediate People's Court is handling the case. The trial is still ongoing.

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