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A very unusual scene has been spotted on Google Maps: a little boy sticking his head out of a bin. 

It's not unusual to find an unusual, strange or even funny picture in Google's map service, say of a mysterious aircraft or the same one parked for 47 yearst parked car. A The Google Earth Guy a TikTok site specifically for such scenes, and not so long ago a scene shared, which really captured the imagination of followers.

A newly released image shows a boy trapped in a rubbish bin in the Parc de Valency park in Lausanne, Switzerland. It's not known how or why he got in - or how long it took him to get out - but he certainly gave the TikTok channel's followers a good laugh. The success of the found scene is shown by the fact that the video of it received more than 61,000 likes on TikTok.


Reply to @hebraketestedme i have so many questions on how he got there. #fyp #thegoogleearthguy #viral #googleearth #rending

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In addition to the fun scenes, the virtual map sometimes features some pretty terrifying images. Not so long ago, scary masked figures I was spotted in the Mexican town of Nacozari De Garcia, who were believed by many to be dangerous gang members waiting for a ride in the middle of the road. Some theorise that the photo was taken at the same time as Mexican cartel hitman Luis Alonso Quintana, known as El Guacho, was arrested in November 2019 on charges of murdering six children and three women.

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