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According to scientists at the University of the West of England, the way fungi 'speak' using electrical impulses is similar to human language. 

The Royal Society Open Science research recently published in the journal of the European Journal of Biology, researchers have identified patterns in fungi that show surprising similarities with human communication. Previous research has already shown that fungi can transmit electrical impulses, but it appears that they can even "they can also "talk" to each other.

The professionals four types of mushrooms - enoki, slit disc, ghost and caterpillar - were studied by placing electrodes in the soil, at the root of the mushroom and on the mushroom itself. Mathematical analysis of the apparent electrical signals sent to each other suggests that the fungi share information with other, more distant fungi, but it is also possible that they communicate with trees. Andrew Adamatzky, a professor at the University of the West of England, is the author of the paper The Guardianto be saidthat evidence has been found for a language that could consist of up to 50 words. In the experiment, split gill fungi growing on rotting trees put together the most complex "sentences“.

Plants have already been shown by several experiments to communicate with their nearest relatives. In a 2018 experiment conducted by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden, maize plants investigated, and found that plants know about each other thanks to certain chemical signals, and even take each other's growth into account so that they don't accidentally cross paths.

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