The old Xiaomi Community forum has disappeared

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As of today, the usual Xiaomi Community international forum, available at, has been closed. Although it was less used by domestic fans, because everyone prefers domestic, Hungarian-language communities. Hungarian MIUI forum, Faceebook groups, Telegram, Discord, etc.

Xiaomi Community

The transition to the new Community forum started a long time ago, but of course there were some inconveniences. While the old one was up and running and thriving, international discourse was on another front. The phone app and the PC version ran on separate threads. While we moderators worked on the PC version, the mobile version was left to the Indian admins. With varying degrees of success. But in July this year, all the threads were finally connected and merged into the new Xiaomi Community site.

The new forum is now available at link, or in the Play store Xiaomi Conmunity. But the good news is, there is a Hungarian part, for Hungarians, but not in Hungarian. You can find it on PC: Forum > Regions > Hungary or in the app: Forum > All forums > Regions > Hungary.

A similar thing has already happened in the life of Xiaomi, even The big international MIUI forum closes in 2019 and switched to the Xiaomi Community. Then they closed down a community that had been working very well for 6 years, where we as MIUI Hungary and of course the Hungarian fans played a huge role. There the forum was still run by the Chinese, with international admins. There were games, competitions, polls, several a year for which we Hungarians could vote. We had a lot of good results, which has almost disappeared since India took over the global leadership...

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