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The good weather is coming soon and it wouldn't hurt to get a good fan now! There couldn't be a better choice than the MiJia DC Standing Fan 1X, which is not just a wind machine, but so much more!


  • 100 degree wind adjustment
  • Customized 7 fan blades designed for high wind speeds
  • 14 meter wind range, wide range wind
  • Low operating noise 26.6 dB(A) for a good night's sleep
  • 39 degrees adjustable up and down tilt angle
  • Top button, convenient to use
  • Xiaomi Home APP control, smartly operate the fan

Technical data

  • Brand: xiaomi Smartmi
  • Product:Mijia DC standing fan 1X
  • Type: DC standing fan
  • White colour
  • Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Rated power: 15W
  • Power cable: 1,6 m
  • Wind speed: 23.1 m³/min
  • Width: 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°
  • Noise: 26.6 dB(A)
  • WiFi: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Product size: 95 * 34,3 * 33 cm
  • Product weight: 2,8 kg

14 metres wind range??? 100 degree wind speed??? And only 26.6 dB noise??? Plus, you can control it with the Xiaomi Home app to automate it when you need a breeze or a gust of wind! All that goodness comes at a price, but all that knowledge is worth it! In the TomTop online store, the Mijia DC Standing Fan 1X is now 69,74€ ~ 26.275 Ft, from European stock, with free shipping VAT and VAT free.

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