[Sale] Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier 2 now only 6.99$

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Some people struggle with WiFi signal strength at home or at work. No or barely any signal upstairs, you can't even go out in the open in the backyard because it's intermittent there too, or you can't get a signal in the third office and have to go to your colleague's house to access the corporate network? If you're experiencing these or similar problems, this could be the solution for a more comfortable way to relax and work.

The Xiaomi signal booster, as it is known for short, is now in its second generation, with a slightly more serious design and a stronger signal, but its simplicity remains. Setup is a no brainer, anyone can do it with a little help. First of all, you scan the QR code on the back of the packaging with your phone, if you don't have a Xiaomi device and/or don't have a QR code reader, then for Android users you need to download the QR code from the Play store Mi Home app but if you can't use English, you can also use Hungarian, using the Hungarian forum you need to register and download the Hungarian MiHome app. Once installed, plug the signal booster into a USB socket, this could be a USB wall charger, power strip, PC, laptop, etc. Read more about MiHome here and on the forum.

Add the signal booster to your devices by pressing the + button at the top right and selecting Add. On the next page down again after pressing the + button Add, look for Mi Wifi Repeater 2 in the list, pay attention, the previous version is also in the list, it will not work with that. The small yellow LED on the signal booster will flash, this indicates that it is ready to connect, but if you want to follow the steps exactly, you can reset the device using the microswitch in the small hole below the LED, as shown in the instructions. If successful, press the Reset Success button and Mi Home will start looking for the amplifier. Once found, it will ask you which router to download the settings from your phone, select the current one and press Next. (If you want to connect it to an unknown router or one you don't use, you can enter the Wifi password) Mi Home will then start updating the firmware of the amplifier if necessary and transfer the settings. When it's done, you can even specify the room in your home or workplace where it's installed, so you can keep track if you have more than one.

When you're done, it will show up in the Wifi list as the original SSID, with just a "plus" at the end, which is how we know it's our signal booster. On the gadget, instead of the yellow blinking led, you'll see a steady blue light, then everything is good to go. You can follow the process in a little video if you prefer a better visual understanding.

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier has 2 USB 2.0 sockets, so you can plug it in anywhere that will give you power, if possible in a USB hub, don't use it, only with a stable power supply. Compared to the previous one, the frequency remains 2.4GHz, it does not yet support 5GHz, so the maximum theoretical throughput is 300Mbps thanks to the double antenna, the signal level is also improved.

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