The Xiaomi 13 series could come as early as early December

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Xiaomi's main series is usually released at the end of the year, with only one of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series yet, but last year all three were released. The Xiaomi 12 series was launched in China exactly on 28 December 2021, but it was only released in March. Let's hope this happens sooner now and maybe the Xiaomi 13 series will be released globally at the same time.

Xiaomi 13's predecessor, Xiaomi 12

Anno a Xiaomi 12 series three, was a member, for the Xiaomi 13 series may not be so much. The regular and Pro are already committed, but there are no rumours of a third. So much is already known from the certificates (3C, ECC, etc.) that of the two, the Pro version will debut the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Rumours suggest that the chip will use a new "1+2+2+3" eight-core architecture design, with the supercore Cortex X3 upgraded to 22% higher performance than Cortex X2. The large core will be upgraded to Cortex A715. Compared to Cortex A710, performance will be improved by 5% and power efficiency by 20%. In addition, the machine is also expected to break the 67W wired fast charging, which was the biggest shortcoming of the previous chip, and reach 120W, making up for the shortfall. As a result, Xiaomi's proprietary charging chip will be omitted.

According to the news, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will be officially released in November this year, so Xiaomi will have just over 1 month for final tests. Although it's not surprising news for us that they'll get the developer version before the release. The camera setup is likely to be the 200 MP recently unveiled in the plain Xiaomi 13, while the Pro version will inherit the Leica system released in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. We'll see...

If there's any new info, we'll be back with details!

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