11.11 Bazino action - Geekbuying

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As every year, before Christmas, a huge sales frenzy begins to spend more and more money on sometimes unnecessary electronic gadgets. Those of you who are familiar with online shopping/trading will know that foreign and sometimes even domestic shops are offering a wide range of products at the best prices. Such is the case with tomorrow's 11.11 shopping festival, the Geekbuying webáruházban. Ha okosan csináljuk, még meg is érheti erre az időszakra dátumozni a telefon, vacuum cleaner, tévé, stb. cseréjét, hisz senki nem a pénztárcájának az ellensége. Katt a képre!

Xiaomi termékek a Geekbuying akciójában

What can we expect in such an action? Brutal deals, cheap stuff, lots of coupons, and I could go on and on. There are many Xiaomi products included in the sale, I'll just list a few for the sake of order:

  • Xiaomi Youpin 64GB Metal USB Pendrive 16.99$ ~ 5.140 Ft
  • Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3 férfi futócipő 48.99$ ~ 14.825 Ft
  • Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router 57.99$ ~ 17.550 Ft
  • More Xiaomi 11.11 promotions <- KATT

Delivery and warehouse location may change, please always keep an eye on that! Don't miss out!!!

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