10 Frequently asked questions and answers about MIUI 9

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KDear MIUI Fans!
After a long wait (and beta testing), MIUI 9 has finally arrived on most Xiaomi phones. I bet a lot of you haven't got it yet, or don't like MIUI 9 for some reason. Now, I'd like to clear a few things up, so I'll answer the 10 most common questions asked in forums.
Let's get started!

1. Why is my device not receiving the MIUI 9 update?
The picture is an illustration!

Well, this question is asked everywhere (Facebook group, forum...). The answer is that the MIUI 9 update is sent to each device one by one by the server. This is a boon for users because the updates are tested very carefully by the internal team before being released to users. The team is working on finding major bugs and trying to fix them before you get the update. So if you haven't received the update yet, it means the team is working on it, both the Stable ROM and Beta ROM will be released on most devices soon. It will take time for the developers to make the right version for each SoC.

2. Why is there no split screen on my device?

If you have a major version older than Android 7.0 Nougat, you won't have one.
Unfortunately, split screen in MIUI is not adaptable separately, it will not be available for devices running Android 6.0 MM or earlier major versions!

3. Why is application icon animation not supported for many applications?
This is a new feature in MIUI 9, and most apps don't support it because it takes developers more time to build them for the app. (MIUIHU users are in an exceptional position because the Hungarian team has expanded the number of animated apps.)

4. Why no Android update with the latest MIUI 9?

Developers aim to provide all Xiaomi phones with the latest version of Android, but optimising devices with MIUI can take time or is not possible. In many cases the processor vendor (Qualcomm, MediaTek) does not support the latest Android version.
Testing is carried out on some devices.

5. How can I create a new blank page or specify another home screen? 
It is not possible to add a new blank page or home screen in MIUI 9 to avoid unnecessary memory usage and to keep the system snappy. Installing a new app or dragging an app to another blank page automatically adds a new window or screen.
Comment: They are aware of bugs with other themes, but the default theme is perfectly usable.

6. Why has the automatic assembly of applications been removed?
Because rarely used features have been removed for better optimisation. MIUI 9 reduces system load by removing unused features. Therefore, MIUI 9 is lightning fast.

7. Why have themes disappeared in certain regions or countries? 
You know why? Because copyright is important in some countries, so internal applications of themes are not allowed in some countries or regions. For example, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. You need to have the copyright for the respective countries. Due to these legal issues, applications for some themes have been removed. However, if you change your account (specify a different country), you can get it back. This has gone unnoticed by many people in our country.

8. Why was real-time monitoring removed from the lock screen charge indicator? 
As I wrote in point 6 about the "Shake to arrange" service, this has also been removed due to less usage.

9. Why can't I search for images in the gallery?

It works, just a bit complex. If you tag a person, the server collects pictures of them. But it tags the location in Chinese, which has Geotag. Same for labels, it recognizes what is in the picture, but adds a Chinese name. Under the pictures will be the caption (e.g.: credit card, car, file, digital, food, entertainment, dog, beer...)

10. How can I disable or hide the Fastpass app?

Well, this is not possible in the Global ROM, but it is possible to turn it off in the Chinese and MIUIHU ROMs. Just go to "Home screen and task manager" settings, and look for the "Switch on the fast card" option to turn it off.

Hope I could help! Remember, for MIUI, please contact miui.hu Main forum!

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  1. Very useful article, but I didn't get an answer to a question that made me read it.
    I'm about to buy a Redmi 4x and I see at a particular online retailer (geekbuying.com) that the same hardware configuration (3/32GB) is sold with two different operating systems, but I don't know what the difference is between the two:
    1. Official Global MIUI 8 version
    2. Official Global ROM (for +2000 Ft)
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dear nkarpi!

    It's a mystery to us, too, and it would be better to ask them. MIUI8 system has been out for more than half a year, they must be very behind, they probably want to offer MIUI9 for money. If you find out from their answer what it covers, feel free to visit the forum where experts will help you decide if it is worth the 2000 forints or if everyone at home will do it for free.