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We have found a new smart device in the recently released beta Mi Fit app about which we have already read in the rumours abroad. This is “DongTingHu” and actually it is a well-known lake in China, Lake Tungting. We have not had any idea what is behind, we thought it was the new Pace 2 watch but later it turned out to be the Amazfit Bip 2.

In the Mi Fit app it can be found among firmware files named “Mili_dth….” or codenamed as “DongTingHu but it has already been named as Amazfit Bip 2!

Going inside Mi Fit’s soul in xml files we can find the Amazfiz Bip 2. It is no doubt that it will come out soon.

This is already a fact. Bip 2 is to come! Well, what can we expect from the new watch? GSP, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, compass and NFC. Out of these all, only NFC is new and we hope that it will not only be a Chinese function but it can be used globally as well. Confirmation was spotted not by our team but a Spanish site (AndroidTR.es) three days ago in Mi Fit beta. There has also been mentioned “Sport” mode and what’s more internal memory which we do not know what it will be used for as in the case of the Pace and Stratos models but it may as well be used for listening to music or storing data.

Amazfit Bip 2’s launch may come this year besides the Mix 3 but as we know it is not a real member of the Xiaomi family but it is sold under the name of Huami and it is still somehow a family member. Therefore it will not be released by Xiaomi. Perhaps this year’s launch is only a dream, we will see. In terms of price, hopefully, it will remain under 100$ compared to its predecessor and we will get a better version. We would be really happy to get a Bip 2 under the Christmas tree.

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